Richard Heart Was Actually Right About Everything

Richard Heart Was Actually Right About Everything

So here’s how I went from thinking that Richard Heart was just some clown that was good at marketing, but not to be trusted, to seeing him as a genius who has truly tried to help people all along…

The SEC’s bullshyt case against him is just against Richard, personally, not against his HEX cryptocurrency, which is not a security and is truly decentralized.  The SEC should be on trial, not Richard, and, in a sense, they are…

Our U.S. Congress is NOT happy with the SEC and has issued warning after warning, and now a subpoena to them, the first ever, to produce records which they have so far refused to produce in their over-reaching campaign against all things crypto, where Coinbase, Ripple, and many other big names have submitted comments against the SEC.

This will bring about a soon-to-be approved US Bitcoin Spot ETF (then watch out cuz everything will go UP!).  This is the current backdrop environment…

In a side-case: The SEC states that Richard Heart defrauded investors into HEX to line his own pockets and make extravagant purchases with the money. 

The truth is that Richard was a multi-millionaire way before he created HEX. The money that went to the original address is STILL THERE, and can be verified as such. Not one penny has ever been removed from it.  The SEC also conveniently failed to mention the $27 Million he raised for charity which funds medical research. So the corrupt SEC has no case on anything.  

The SEC is trying to deliberately delay the inevitable and also had a hand in keeping current Bitcoin prices low, as we are finding out from the current Sam Bankman-Fried/FTX ongoing trial testimony.  These people are really, really corrupt through and through!

As for me, and I mentioned this before, I decided to look more into who this “Richard Heart” character is and his weirdo crypto token called HEX.

As I did, he schooled me on many things I simply did not know about Bitcoin, and crypto, in general. 

Trust But Verify

Most people think that Bitcoin has never had any vulnerabilities.  Richard Heart showed us all 2 instances where Bitcoin actually had 2 CRITICAL vulnerabilities called ‘inflation bugs’:

These inflation bugs caused situations where ANYONE was able to mint as many new Bitcoins as they wanted. Did you know that? Me neither! Someone did though, as I will show a bit later on! It’s very well documented on YouTube.

Here is what you can Google yourself about these Bitcoin bugs which Richard Heart reminded us actually happened:

The CVE-2010-5139 bug was announced on Aug 15, 2010 and it minted 184 Billion BTC (that’s BILLION, not million), which required a chain roll back.
(You were not made aware of this)

The CVE-2018-17144 bug was announced on Sep 17, 2018 and was discovered by a BitcoinCash developer, who disclosed it instead of exploiting it.
(You were not made aware of this either)

Upon random browsing, I came across a story of one grand theft of Bitcoin, by a guy named Jimmy Zhong. He stole over $3.4 Billion worth of Bitcoin in today’s worth, from the old days of the Silk Road. Remember them? Google it, if you don’t. 

Basically, in the very early days of Bitcoin, The Silk Road was an underground, dark-website where you could buy drugs of any kind, and even guns, very temporarily though, but mainly drugs, on its online storefront. Obviously very illegal. The only currency was…you guessed it: Bitcoin.

Anyway, this Zhong guy actually gave suggestions to “Satoshi Nakamoto” to improve the Bitcoin code back in 2009-ish. That’s how far back this guy goes with this!

So Zhong ended up accidentally discovering that, while using Silk Road to buy drugs, he could mint as many Bitcoin as he wanted. He also saw in the code somewhere that there was a max cap of 50,000 BTC on the exploit. I believe Zhong then exploited what was later named the CVE-2010-5139 bug (as Richard Heart pointed out as factual), to mint exactly 50,000 BTC, the most he could from the bug in the code.

Zhong also mined Bitcoin himself, using his own computers, and later admitted to, and showed, authorities that he once had 300,000 BTC.  Authorities later said this guy was from “another planet”.

At today’s price of $28,500 US dollars, 300,000 BTC is worth $8.5 BILLION! That’s how much this guy Zhong had at one point!

There are many documentary videos about this, one of which you can watch right here:  He Stole $3.4 BILLION – But Made One Mistake 

The point here is that Richard Heart has been loudly talking about the REAL fraudsters all along, but no one listens to him! Instead, he, himself, gets accused of fraud.

But when you look into it yourself, you can clearly see that Richard Heart has been doing just the opposite: trying to keep people away from fraud and abuse!  Unlike the rest of us, because he is a fking genius, he understands exactly HOW these very corrupt people are stealing from average people (us) on a daily basis!

That’s why he created HEX!  Read this Tweet from Richard about HEX’s technological advantages over Bitcoin.

If I had met Richard way earlier, he would have saved me from the “gotcha” scams that ended up getting me as well! Some of which I found out about after the fact, and some I never even knew I was being scammed!

But would I have even listened? Probably not in the beginning. Most do not! As in the video I sent you the other day, some would rather argue with Richard even though he clearly knows 1000x more than they do about it!

I came to believe that by buying HEX, I am not only buying the genius of Richard Heart but more importantly, FREEDOM! The same reason, I was attracted to Bitcoin in the first place!  When my friend first told me “HEX is better than Bitcoin”. I thought he was a nutcase! Now, I think he was right all along!

Click Here to See Bitcoin vs HEX Comparison.

And I believe, IN MY OWN OPINION ONLY (not financial advice), that we’ve been given an unbelievable HEX price at $.0042 as of this writing. HEX is now up over 42% over the past 7 days.  HEX and the PulseChain network has been going strong, with NO vulnerabilities, for what will be 4 years this December.

Why do I think we’ve been given an unbelievable HEX price? We have been experiencing what I call a “Mr Crypto Market Depressive” state since early 2022.  You can read an article I wrote back in Nov 2018 explaining this very thing:

Read that while keeping in mind that I wrote that article in 2018 – when there was no HEX.  Though many things have happened in between since then, general market sentiment operates exactly the same today as it did back then, then apply its lessons to HEX.

FYI: HEX is a completed product unlike 99% of crypto. It can never be changed. Everything built around HEX in the future is just a bonus.

Do your research, stay safe!

Mike J Anthony

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Disclaimer: This article is not financial advice. Do your own due diligence before purchasing/investing in anything. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. Consult a financial professional for advice. The author currently holds a position in HEX crypto assets.

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