The Backup Singers Conundrum: 20 Feet From Stardom

The Backup Singers Conundrum: 20 Feet From Stardom

’20 Feet From Stardom’ was a documentary that came out some time ago.

It was all about the music industry’s top talent.

It included voices you’d recognize but would never know their names.

These are called…the Back-Up Singers.

You see, these fellow singers are just 20 feet from the superstar that’s front and center in the limelight on stage…

And the back-up singers are totally… in the Background.

Most every popular band has them…


Almost every BUSINESS has them too…

Online, it’s all too common for marketers to paint this illusion that they’re a one person show, sipping Mai-Tais under luxurious palm trees while their bank accounts are swelling into the millions…

But that’s just NOT TRUE!

They are Illusions…

Smoke and Mirrors…

I call this the “Backup Singers Conundrum” but applied to online business.

Because behind nearly every single well known marketer or business is a big Team of people.

Copywriters, Content Writers, Sales People, Support Staff, Personal Assistants, Launch Managers, Attorneys, Compliance, and on the list goes and on…

Somebody has to do the actual work, right?

You can be the laziest marketer on Earth, and even make a great income, but this means you definitely have a team getting things done FOR YOU.

Its having a powerful system and team FIRST…

THEN comes the Mai-Tais and Palm Trees.

There’s a well known mind map created by Rich Schefren called The Internet Business Manifesto.

In that manifesto, Rich shows all of the things usually required to run an online business.  Its a lot, as you can imagine.

You can’t help but get overwhelmed just by looking at it!…

Its outdated, as its from 2012, but for what I am talking about, it might as well been written yesterday, as many of those things are still the same, if not even more-so today.

Sadly, most people try to do it all themselves.  That’s also known as ‘working 20 hrs a day, and getting nowhere’.  All while committing financial suicide as a result of this approach.

It is the sad, but all too common, thinking of an opportunist.

So what’s the answer to this age-old problem?

You need systems…you need a strategy, a vision.

You need other PEOPLE!

Most of all…

You need a TEAM to do most of this stuff FOR YOU.

You can try to outsource all over the place and set this stuff up by yourself, if you’ve got any products to sell.

But that’s still a LOT of work to get set up and to manage all by yourself.


You can leverage a system and team already fully set-up and ready to go to work for you.

That’s where our Connect United Community comes in…


We have partnered with the #1 Blockchain development company in the world to build out brands in high-demand markets then connect them to the Blockchain

You can then purchase these pieces of software, called Nodes, to receive the underlying digital rewards that could potentially be worth a lot of money in the future.

Overload or overwhelm? Not a chance!

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Mike J Anthony


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