EZ Web Visitors Review – Scam or Legit Traffic?

EZ Web Visitors Review – Scam or Legit Traffic?

If you do any surfing online as a marketer or otherwise, you no doubt have come across ads runs by a traffic service called EZ Web Visitors.

The whole operation is one of pure crap. The site is unprofessional, but what about the traffic service itself?  Well let’s see, I went ahead and bought a $30 service which was supposed to get me between 50-75 signups.

What I actually got was a bunch of fake bot traffic that has no chance of signing up even a single person. 

When I contacted their Support about this, they say what all scam artists say: they point to their no-refund policy and that “all sales are final”, even though I was not actually requesting a refund.

First of all, they advertise themselves on free traffic rotator and safelist sites, which is where I saw it. 

These type of sites offer a form of free and low-cost traffic which, by nature, is very poor but could be used to generate leads or maybe even a sale or 2, if your offer is actually good, and/or if you use them repeatedly to advertise, as EZ Web Visitors does.

Does EZ Web Visitors Traffic Service Actually Work?

If you see their ads enough, through safelist traffic sites and such, you may start to wonder whether their traffic service really works. 

Save yourself the curiosity and money because it DOES NOT WORK!

Before I placed an order, I already suspected it was fake, as there are already EZ Web Visitors reviews saying the same thing.  However, there was a recent program which they claimed to be able to get 75 signups for, so I was curious if they could actually make good on any of that. 

It also gave me a chance to see what they really do for sure, and I did not spend a lot, knowing it was most likely fake traffic anyway.  But any amount is too much when its all fake.

As suspected, a few weeks after I placed my order, it was just as fake as the advertising I originally saw. 

What they do is peep out other programs they see other people promoting, and then create advertisements headlining those programs to dupe those people into believing that they can help them get signups to those same programs.

Now, they do respond to inquiries.  I will give them that much.  But here is what happened when I inquired of their service. 

I asked the people over at EZ Web Visitors where the traffic comes from. I was completely ignored. I also asked why I needed to provide a signup link if they were supposed to be the ones getting these signups for me?

I thought they have their own buyers list for that program specifically (their advertisements say so), where they would simply get signups for me with.  I thought I just needed to provide my program ID number.  Again, I was completely ignored when I asked about this.

Also, you gotta wonder why they would give so many of these so-called signups over to you, or anyone, for so cheap when they could simply keep them for themselves in that very same program in the first place? Hmmm, right?

So the most important questions that a traffic customer could ask of a service that is supposed to provide traffic and signups for you, they will not answer.  They CAN’T answer them because its all a complete scam.

When I purchased, I was provided with a small field to enter a signup link, where they will send their fake bot traffic to, and no one will ever get a single signup. 

When no signups ever come, and you complain, they will tell you that your link, that you provided to them, is the culprit and not their traffic.  They also will mention how you agreed to their “all sales are final” policy when you purchased.

Yet, somehow, they still repeatedly advertise that they will get 50-75 signups for you for $25-$30, or 50 signups for $18.99, etc, etc.  Does anyone else see a problem here?

By the way, if you use a credit card, you can get your money back if the charge is fraudulent, which, in this case, it will be, regardless of their so-called “all sales are final” policy.  Just report it to your credit card company as fraud.  When they ask for proof, just tell them that you never got what you paid for, which is exactly what will happen.

EZ Web Visitors Sends Fake Bot Traffic

What they end up doing is, they take your site, that you provide your link to them when you order (I still don’t know why), and put it on some crappy rotator with bot traffic to make it look like you are getting visitors.  They then provide you with a cheap tracking link to look at the so-called traffic results. 

All of this is done very low quality and low-budget style, and I suspect that it is actually a 1-person operation with 1 main fraudster involved.

After a month, when you ask why you are not getting what you paid for, they will at first say that it “takes about 6 months”.  The advertisement I responded to said 1-4 months. 

If you inquire further about the dismal results you will soon see, they will then blame you and your site for not converting into sales and disavow any responsibility for it themselves.

All this when their own advertising says: “WE WILL GET YOU 50-75 [INSERT PROGRAM] SIGNUPS IN 1-4 MONTHS!”  Those of you who have seen this know exactly what I’m talking about! 

These ads are usually in the form of short text ads with misspellings and incorrect English grammar in them, which tell me that either the fraudster writing them is most likely not from the United States or English is not this person’s first language..

Their own website also says that they “never send bot or fake traffic”.  Its just another lie. Don’t believe anything they say on their website.

Its sites like EZ Web Visitors, and another site the fraudster is using, called Traffic Buddy Responsive Visitors, which perpetrate ad fraud, that give the industry a bad name.

People like this rarely ever use one website.  They use many sites to try to cover their fraud and throw consumers, and authorities, off their scent.

Note: The scammer owner has recently tried to attack this blog site with the very same fake bot traffic and also sent a few threats through comments/email which I have recorded and documented. Obviously, he is very bothered by this review…and I love it!

The Truth About EZ Web Visitors & Traffic Buddy Responsive Visitors

EZ Web Visitors, and their crony sites, are a very low quality, low budget, lying, thieving, 1-person operation which is ripping people off by sending them fake bot traffic instead of what they constantly advertise.  They take no responsibility for anything and are only out to get your money…period!

They also seem to be happy with negative publicity.  As far as they are concerned, it simply gives them a boost in the search engine rankings.  They could care less about actually providing a legitimate traffic service to anyone.

Why do I say that? Because when I contacted EZ Web Visitors to tell them that I now know they are sending me crappy, worthless traffic, and that I would be writing this up on my blog so other people steer clear, their response was simply: “Thank you :)”.  Yup, with a smiley face, even!

As long as they can state an “all sales are final” policy, then constantly rip you off of around $20 or more, where they think you have no recourse on getting your money back, then they are perfectly happy with this arrangement. 

This is the epitome of ad fraud, as long as they, or he, can get away with it.  UPDATE: Apparently, they or he, is very bothered by this review as I guess it has had much more affect than he planned on.  His upsetness is worth way more than the amount of money he scammed me out of!

The Verdict:  If you happen to see any advertisements from EZ Web Visitors, just ignore them all and do not ever pay for their service.  They also use other websites with different names, such as Traffic Buddy Responsive Visitors and others, in their attempts to steal your money, using the same exact, poorly written, fraudulent ads. 

As a matter of fact, I recommend reporting them on any platform or website you see them advertising on, or report them in general.  It is illegal to advertise clear scams.  All they provide is fake website visitors through bots and you will NOT get what they advertise.

If you want high quality TRAFFIC that is done the right way, look no further than the authority on traffic: Traffic Authority



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  1. I recently had 4 fake comments come in on the same day, all suspiciously giving very high praise to this traffic service which I rightfully denounced in my review above. There is no doubt about who they could have came from. All 4 comments had 4 different email addresses. An obvious attempt to make it look like they came from 4 different people. Yet, all 4 comments came in on the same exact day around the same time, and used the same exact IP address of: These scammers will stop at nothing to perpetrate their fraud. Its amazing that they would try to manipulate blog comments in this way. Totally shameful. I have since deleted those fake comments and exposed their shame here in their place instead.

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