The Job Plan Is a Miserable Failure

The Job Plan Is a Miserable Failure

The “Job Plan“…you know the one: go to school, get good grades, so you can graduate and get a JOB. Then you work this job for 40+ years, live beneath your means, save diligently, all so you can retire rich, or at the very least, comfortably.  But does this job plan even work?

This plan is pounded into us since we are born.  Its ingrained in our psyche and rarely challenged.  By the time the truth is uncovered, that its a miserable failure, decades of life have already passed us by.

If you buy into this lie, then you sacrifice today for hopes of a glorious future tomorrow, which may never come. Why? Because you have no control of its typical variables…things like 401K, which is tied to the stock market, economic environment, pay raises, the job itself…NONE of which you have any control over whatsoever. So people resort to the one thing they feel they have control over: education.

They educate themselves more, which is very expensive, to make themselves a little more valuable in the job market.  But is it even worth it?

Most of us toil under this plan like obedient machines.  Even though most are well aware that there are better ways, they still don’t pursue them because its so much easier accepting the status quo and collecting that un-guaranteed paycheck. 

Only after 40 years, one might start to wonder whether they made the right decision. Take this story of Joe, taken from the book ‘The Millionaire Fastlane‘ by MJ Demarco:

     As a teenager, Joe reads several personal finance books about getting rich.  They tell him to save, get a career, clip coupons, and live below your means.  After graduating with a law degree, Joe follows this advice.  While it is difficult, Joe follows this plan for wealth diligently.  He works 60 hours weekly at his law firm, often neglecting his family and children.  His weekdays are consumed at the office, while his weekends are spent home “recharging” from the rigors of the workweek.

     After 12 years in law, Joe decides his profession is no longer enjoyable. Yet, he decides to endure, as he is just one promotion away from making partner and a guaranteed six-figure salary.  As Joe’s life progresses, he never loses sight of his goal: Retire by age 55 because, after all, financial guru David says, “The smart people finish rich.”

     Joe saves, works overtime, invests in mutual funds, and participates in his firm’s 401k.  He continues to endure his job for the sake of the plan.  No one said it’d be easy.  That “one day” was coming, the day when he’d retire with millions.  He justifies that five days of misery in a hated job was worth the sacrifice for the future.  Then, one hot summer day while mowing the lawn, Joe has a heart attack and dies at age 51…four years before his destination.

Does this sound like you or anyone you know? Most of us can identify with this all too common story.  This job plan is a miserable failure in many ways.  It assumes you will live forever, first of all. Then it also assumes you will always have a job.  Yet, global recession and pandemic, stock and real estate market crashes of 50-90%, and worldwide job layoffs, all tell a very different story of reality.

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