Litecoin Is Ludicrously Underpriced

Litecoin Is Ludicrously Underpriced

Why Is Litecoin Underpriced?

The video above, I made to explain why I think Litecoin is currently ludiscrously undervalued.

It goes hand in hand with another article I wrote last August 2019 about Bitcoin being ludicrously undervalued (See

That’s why I would recommend buying litecoin (LTC), after you’ve established your Bitcoin base.  The LTC/BTC ratio is currently 176:1, which is the highest rate I’ve seen in a very long time.

This means that it takes 176 Litecoin to buy just 1 Bitcoin.

Just like the silver/gold ratio is currently 113:1, which makes silver extremely underpriced relative to gold, Litecoin is showing an even better deal relative to Bitcoin.

Also, Litecoin already had its halving in August 2019 so it became even more scarce, but the price has gone down. 

Now, the Federal Reserve banking cartel is currently printing trillions of dollars into infinity, this is brewing a perfect storm of fundamentals for the value of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin to eventually explode to the upside!

I currently buy Bitcoin and Litecoin using Binance.US ==>



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