Really Successful Limited PAT Extreme Scam

Really Successful Limited PAT Extreme Scam

Really Successful Limited, a company based in the UK, where the front men seem to be a couple of guys named Barry & Roger. This company’s main agenda, and seemingly best ability, is selling lots of “sizzle” but then not providing any “steak”.

This type of company is usually set up by 1 or 2 individuals, who then go on to sell many different products through misleading and over-hyped advertising.  They do not use these products themselves and therefore do not make any money from them. 

They make money by selling you several different products where they partner up with someone who creates them and, together, they split the profits.  As you can imagine, they rarely sell products under $1,000 for this reason.

They provide a sub-par Support staff to make it appear they are legitimately offering products of value when what you really get is of little value, or at least no where near the value for which customers pay, which is usually always around $797-$997.  All of their products have a no-refund policy, which will be discussed later in this review.

This review is my personal experience with a course/service I purchased from Really Successful Limited called P.A.T Extreme – where the P.A.T stand for “Products and Traffic”. This course is $997, where they claim you can source products from their special locally sourced USA wholesale supplier, where they supposedly brokered the “best deals” for their customers on “carefully researched” products.

These prices are advertised to be so good that customers with access to the “special” USA local supplier, which they will give you for a low, low $997 (I was being sarcastic there), will be able to “smash” the prices of companies like Walmart and Sears, according to its sales webinar and advertising.

This is the main selling point of the P.A.T. Extreme course. But what you actually get is far from it.

How Does P.A.T Extreme Perform?

This company’s claims on many, or all, of their products are over-hyped and way under delivered. They attempt to hide behind a “no-refunds” policy because they know that their products and services do not hold water and end up ripping off innocent people who believed, or took a chance on, their advertising claims, as I did.

When you challenge them on their promises on what you supposedly paid for, they come up with vague and not-agreed-to, and even accusatory, responses than what was agreed to when you paid for the course. Their webinars and emails are seriously over-hyped.  One can expect a certain amount of hype in advertising but this company crosses the line into outright falsehoods and misrepresentation.

Their products that are sourced from their “special” wholesaler do not come close to “smashing”, much less beating, or even matching, Walmart and Sears prices, as they state in their webinar and advertising emails. In addition, most of the products are more expensive to purchase than most other online vendors when you do your own product research and comparisons online….much more expensive in many cases.

Also, many of these products are barred from being sold because you have to be an “authorized seller” from the manufacturers themselves, which is a significant and material fact that this company does not even mention. This in turn can get your seller account, i.e. Shopify or Amazon, banned, suspended, or otherwise shut down.

Most of the products in their supplier’s store were also prohibited products such as swords, gun scopes, and knives. Most of which have now been removed from their supplier’s store. These are all supposed to be “carefully researched” products before they were put in the store.

This means Really Successful Limited’s advertising claims are completely false. I bought for the reasons they stated like: “SMASH Walmart’s and Sears prices” and “monthly videos of whats hot” and “finally be able to compete with the Big Boys” and more, but none of their claims have been true in the least.

Their Support is terrible and their delivery times on the e-commerce products from their supplier’s store themselves do not match the 1-3 days they claimed as well.

It is even dangerous to use their wholesale supplier because most of their products cannot be sold without being an “authorized seller“, and the pricing of their products are not competitive anyway, like they claimed.

The company, Really Successful Limited, also claims that they research every product, as mentioned above.  But because issues are constant with the products themselves, its clear that they do not research anything beforehand. This is one of the sales bullets points they mention in their webinars.

Their supposed “careful research” of these products couldn’t possibly be true, upon doing your own research, or else they would know these things before hand. The truth is, they don’t know anything and the products are not researched at all. 

The truth you will come to find is that they will just tell you to sell whatever is there at the time and you take your chances.  Some customers have done this, and have made some sales, but this is a far cry from what they said in their sales webinar!  Furthermore, you DO NOT, in any way, need a $1,000 course from Really Successful to list a product on Google Shopping and make a sale. You are much better off watching a Youtube video.

Really Successful Limited’s Not So Friendly Support

Their Support acts like they are helping you, yet provide no solutions for anything. They are very good at blaming the customer for “not using their program to the fullest” when they lie to customers to get them to buy it in the first place. 

Their Support tried to point me to some update video which was created in an attempt to appease pissed off customers, literally accused me of “not watching it”, like they know me or can actually see inside my home, and which does not, in any way, address their failure to provide what they promised, after I provided a professional and personal statement of all my issues with their product. 

Their customer service person literally started attacking me personally.  They acted as if this update video somehow solved everything.  And why would any Support representative talk to a customer like that anyway?! 

Their ridiculous response actually motivated me to make my issues with them much more public! Had it not been for their unprofessional attack in the form of a response, I probably would not have written this review, because I originally had no intention on it. 

Their response made me think, “Wow!  Other people need to know what these people are really like before they buy anything from them!”.

Anyway, all this “update video” proved was that the person in the video used a completely different business model than the one he is teaching with PAT Extreme.  The guy in the video made his money from an Alibaba business model, it appears, and before P.A.T Extreme was even a product. 

So this guy makes commissions off the sales of PAT Extreme – fine – we know that, but it also showed that they really don’t research the products. The guy who made the video made a bunch of excuses as to why they removed the products without announcing it to anyone who was attempting to sell them, and how he can’t be responsible for changes and so forth. OK, whatever, dude!

Using or not using the product, with changes or no changes in the marketplace, does not give them the right to rip you off by initially making false claims in their advertising. Yet, that is the kind of excuses and “support” you are going to get when you contact them about it. If their product truly did what they claimed, everyone who bought would surely use it because that’s exactly WHY they bought it! 

PAT Extreme Post Customer Satisfaction?

Customers stop wasting their time with this PAT Extreme product when they realize pretty quickly that they’ve been lied to.  Yet their Support will attempt to make YOU seem like you are the crazy complaining customer that has to prove something to them, even though they are the ones selling to the public an over-hyped, expensive product, without a refund guarantee, and without disclosing who their special supplier is, or what their supplier’s prices really are.

Once they get your money, and you finally get access to their supplier, and you realize that you’ve been scammed, and contact them about it, they start treating you disrespectfully, not like a valued customer who just paid $997 for a product which does not do anything they claimed.

Now it becomes clear why they offer no-refunds. They sure don’t want to give up the $1000 that they steal from people with a sub-par program that’s not worth nearly that much..and they seem to know it.

Their non-research of the products is proven by how many products were removed from their supplier’s store, only after many customers complained, and this while their sales webinar said that customers were going to be able to get the lowest prices and “smash” Walmart’s prices in order to get people to spend nearly $1000 on this product.

Does PAT Extreme Really “Smash” Walmart’s Prices?

If prospective customers were able to look at the product in this wholesale supplier of theirs before purchasing, its clear they would have a very hard time getting anyone to pay $997 for it. But their sales webinar is very good in getting you to believe that you are going to be able to “smash” their prices and compete with Amazon, Walmart, etc…

If Really Successful Limited is going to have a “no refund” policy for this PAT Extreme product of theirs, then they should let you look at the supplier you are going to be paying to have access to before you purchase, and they do not allow this.  So you have no way of knowing you are about to be ripped off, who the supplier is, and what its products and policies are even like, except for reviews like this one. 

None of this information is provided to you before you purchase. You will find that you are supposed to “figure it out” after you spend $997 with a “no refunds” policy in place.

Good luck contacting their Support because when you complain with your very real issues, they will turn around and tell you that you are making “false claims” against their company, just like any good snake oil salesman will do. They try to turn it all around on the customer who paid $997 for their hogwash and make you feel like you are in the wrong for asking them to make good on their own claims.

Their Support actually told me I was “wasting my time making false claims rather than trying to make it work”.  I copied that statement directly from my support ticket.  “False claims” for opening a support ticket?…After several weeks of trying to “make it work”?…And for asking for a refund when they are the only ones who actually see the ticket? Really!?

Now, everyone is going to see it because I published exactly what they said here.

So let me get this straight, Really Successful Support: You want me to make something work that you lied to me about from the very beginning? Why do you care so much about customers making “false claims” when customers are simply reporting their bad experiences with your company on a product you sold to them, but you don’t care about fixing the lies told in all your advertisements?

Their false claims is how they make money, so they’d rather blame the customer and take no responsibility for it themselves, because they do have a “no refund” policy in place, you know. So its all the customer’s fault!

A good company does not have to turn on its own customers and try to make it look like something is wrong with the customer rather than the company selling the product. That’s exactly what Really Successful Limited does!

A good company would make it right with the customer over claims that they themselves made.  Not Really Successful. They will tell you that the customer is wrong, while never mentioning their own claims, and that you, the customer, should have read the “fine print” on the no-refund policy. This is what I was told by their Support.

They always accuse you of not reading their no refund policy which is “clearly stated”, as I was told, in a not-so-nice fashion, I might add.  They get very defensive when someone asks for a refund.  They will always point to that because that’s what they think is their “get-out-of-jail-free-and-keep-your-money” card.  Any good company would never have to rely on a “no refund” policy to truly earn its customers business and respect. 

Really Successful’s No-Refund Policy Is Their #1 Policy

This company’s #1 policy IS its No Refund policy because they cannot earn your hard-earned money any other way, except by making you believe false advertising to get your money, and once a customer realizes it wasn’t true, they then point to their #1 and only defense: No refunds.

Here’s a news flash for Really Successful Limited: In the USA, (they are based in the UK), we have something called Consumer Protection and Truth in Advertising laws, and they don’t give a rat’s ass about your no-refund policies.

If you lie to people in your advertising and don’t give people what you said they were going to get, you are breaking US law, plain and simple!   I was told by their Support that basically I was “completely wrong“, that I was “wasting my time“, and that they have “tens of happy customers” with no mention of the unhappy ones, of which I know they have just as many if not more of. 

Maybe they do have some happy people somewhere, but I am definitely not one of them, and my research shows that many other customers have had the same bad experience I have had with this particular product and Support too.  And why do I care about other “happy customers”, when I, myself, am definitely NOT happy?! Why even mention such non-sense?

Here is one independent site where people post reviews of their experiences with purchases from Really Successful Limited.  You can see some comments from other customers of P.A.T Extreme product and some for Really Successful in general.  If you have had a similar experience, or any experience, feel free to tell your story here as well:  (Notice the address in that review profile: 204 East Chestnut Street, Independence, Kansas 67301, United States –Tel: +1 443-201-1002 — That Kansas address is actually a Dentistry practice and the phone number is out of Baltimore, MD – so its all fake. Their company is really based in Douglas, Isle of Man, UK).

If you are a US customer and you’ve been scammed by these people, call your credit card company and complain.  Save your receipts and support tickets and also the false advertising emails and webinar screen shots, etc, that led you to buy, and so forth. 

Because Really Successful is actually breaking US law, you will be refunded with the proper proof, regardless of their no-refund policy.  

I was given a full refund by my credit card company after proving to their satisfaction that I was indeed scammed, despite their “no refund” policy.

We as customers need to speak out against people and companies who prey on honest, hard-working people, and who give the entire online marketing industry a bad name.  There’s way too much fraud and abuse going on right now, specifically because of companies like Really Successful Limited, and their kind, and it needs to stop.  At best, they definitely need to stop the over-hyping products with outlandish claims.

Amazingly, after this review was posted, more “good” generic reviews, unrelated to PAT Extreme, suddenly started popping up at the above webpage, which now seems to be monitored by the company, where there was no sign of them before.  My guess is that this was done to counter all the negatives they had, mostly about PAT Extreme purchases, after seeing this review. 

Great! Looks like this review already helped.  This review has done more than their Support could ever do for customers.  All they need to do now is get rid of their unlawful advertising methods and their accusatory Support attitude, start offering refunds as a policy, and maybe they’d be OK.

Recommendation: If you buy or have bought PAT Extreme, you will find out that its not worth what you paid and that you did not get what you paid for, and cannot get a refund.  Stay away from PAT Extreme or anything related to their company.  Really Successful Limited is a UK-based company who advertises over-hyped, over-priced products, and attempts to hide behind a no-refund policy.  Buyer beware!

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Disclaimer: This is just my personal experience with PAT Extreme. You may have a different one.  Really Successful Limited may have other products which may or may not be better, and maybe not as hyped up, but I personally choose not to deal with this company in any way thanks to this bad experience with them, their Support, or lack thereof, their no-refund policy, and their over-hyped and/or false advertising methods.

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7 Replies to “Really Successful Limited PAT Extreme Scam”

  1. they need to be shut down they are disgusting I approached them for social proof through their many facebook groups, I even challenged them to provide just one successful customer they never did , they just said we dont divulge the private information of our clients, so i replied Im not asking for private info & then i posted live to the group to ask anyone to simply raise their hand & declare they are making profits – no one has replied, that answers the question as loud as possible doesnt it. social proof really is the no 1 way to see who is full of shit really.

  2. Hi there,
    Yep really successful is just one big scam! I was scammed and strung along over several weeks after I was told of an upgrade and it wasn’t in my account so next day I messaged them asking where it was and the women I spoke too couldn’t give me the upgrade it had to be from 2 guys and they both were away and it went on for several weeks with me waiting for an answer but in the first week I expressed my concerns about being a single mother and I was reading reviews that people don’t receive refunds in which I invested just under AUD$2000 with these unethical people! I was told I was going to get a refund don’t worry about that so I relaxed because I was told that I would get the refund BUTTT was I WRONG!! Strung me along for 5 weeks and by that stage I was pissed off and they turned around saying NO I am no longer in the 7 day refund period! WTF ANYONE LOOKING TO GET ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY PLEASE DO NOT BUY!! They do not refund you at all, their message to me was that they have gone above and beyond helping me out because they refunded me the measly $47 and $107 for the light course I purchased BS! I never asked for a refund of those products I want my AUD$1800 back!! Never ever ever again I dislike this company with a passion to be honest! Hopefully I have gotten through to one person who reads your post buddy! Also other products they have put out have been high ticket garbage

  3. yes that company is a SCAM…. there is no Money Back Guarantee…. The will do whatever to keep your money and Blast you with Luring emails that dont give realistic numbers

  4. Seems like thye have switched and targeting Youtube creators i got this email from them

    Alex Reketenets
    11:33 AM (11 hours ago)
    to me


    My name is Alex and I’ve been a frequent watcher of your videos on the traveler channel.

    I represent Really Successful, which is a company doing tens of millions of dollars in annual sales, largely doing similar content to what you’re doing.

    We’d like to collaborate with you.

    Do you have time this or next week to discuss a mutually beneficial partnership?

    Also, are you available on other message-based platforms (e.g. Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.)?

    Thanks and looking forward!

    Alex & Eric

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