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Planning for a happy retirement? Its important that you avoid these 10 myths and mistakes on the way there:

Retirement Myths and Mistakes

  1. I’m only in my 20’s.  It’s too early to think about that. 
  2. I’ll delay saving until later when I have more money.
  3. My employment pension will be enough to take care of post-retirement life
  4. I need a huge amount to start planning for retirement with
  5. I only need to plan for 10-15 years of post-retirement life
  6. I am saving for retirement so I don’t need to invest it
  7. My spouse/kids will take care of me in retirement
  8. My health care wont cost THAT much
  9. My retirement planning consists of safe capital preservation rather than growth
  10. I will spend less in retirement

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What I Learned from the Movie, The Founder

High Ticket Sales Not Hamburgers

​​Recently, I went and saw the movie, “The Founder“, starring Michael Keaton, who plays Ray Kroc, “Founder” and franchisor of McDonald’s Corp.


I thought it was very good and recommend going to see it, especially if you are of the entrepreneurial spirit.There are 3 scenes in the movie which are my favorite parts:


1. The discussion Ray Kroc had with Dick McDonald in the men’s room after buying the McDonald brothers out. (Go see the movie)


2. When Ray Kroc was informed by his new “finance guy” that he was not in the hamburger business at all, but rather the “real estate” business.  The realization of which changed his business and mind-frame about it completely.


3. The end of the movie where he reveals the secret of his success.


What is that secret?  PERSISTENCE!


Keaton’s character reveals that it was persistence that allowed a middle-aged milkshake-multi-mixer salesman to go from nothing to creating a multi-billion dollar empire we know today as McDonald’s Corporation.


When you think about this, he had to be persistent in the right business model though. 


It does no good to be persistent in the wrong business model as the McDonald brothers found out.  The brothers did well, but no where near as well as they could have.


Go back and re-read item #2 of my favorite movie scenes: This realization changed which business model Mr. Kroc focused on from simply sub-leasing franchises with no control and small commissions to sub-leasing franchises and then also owning and renting out the real-estate underneath them which gave him complete control, and all the income from the real-estate rentals passed directly to Mr. Kroc rather than the McDonald brothers.


Franchises is the name of the game and the business we are in here at MOBE as well.  


At MOBE (My Online Business Education), we own and re-sell online franchises in the high ticket online education industry as well as quality education and training products, and live events.  Only franchise partners, not affiliates, own the rights to be able to do this.


When I was focused on selling low-ticket Amazon products, i.e. milkshake-multi-mixers, I was always very disappointed with the 4% commissions I’d receive from any sales, low-ticket mind you, because I did a lot of work for very small commissions.  


I’m not saying Amazon is bad. Amazon’s business model is actually a very good one but you need to be good at selling a lot of products all the time and that was not for me.  I needed a smarter way to work.


As MOBE franchise partners, we earn 50% commissions on every high ticket product sold that we did not create, for the same amount of work involved.  


Partners also earn 90% commissions on lower-ticket products that we did not create.  Again, I do the same amount of work for high ticket products that I did for low-ticket products. I just get paid more now!


New products come out all the time that someone else creates, and guess what?  Because we are already partners with franchise rights, we get to sell those new products too with the same high commissions we always had.  


This is a good business model to be in because if we have no franchise, we have no products to sell either.  We’d have to create our own products and the systems to sell them and I don’t want to do that, personally.  I’d rather have someone else do that for me.


They do that at McDonald’s, who already has the products and the systems to sell them in place…and they do that at MOBE as well.  



Now, whenever I make a high ticket sale, through products I did not create, I am glad to accept a 50% commission and pay them the other 50%, because its a win-win situation.  (A 50% commission that will net you $20,050 at the Diamond level and $10,050 at the Platinum level!)


I know what some of you are thinking: “Mike, In my program, I make 100% commissions already, so why would I settle for 50% commissions in your program?”…


I know this because someone actually asked me that as if I was selling them some Clickbank product for $50.  Remember, I am talking about high-ticket here.  

My answer was: “That depends on what its a 100% of”.  


If that’s your line of thinking, then let me ask you one question:  Can your 100% commissions equal $20,050 in a single sale?


If your answer is NO, then you might want to rethink why you’d be remotely concerned about what percentage it is if I sent you $20,000.


Honestly…would I really care if that $20k is only 1 percent commissions? Absolutely not, and I don’t think you would either.


That’s NOT something you should be concerning yourself with.


What you should be concerned with is how exactly can you generate these big commissions over and over again – and MOBE teaches that!


Remember, I did not create these products or the systems to sell them…THEY DID (Matt Lloyd and his team over at MOBE).


My job has now gone from product/infrastructure creator and maintainer, a very hard and time-consuming job, to lead generator, a much simpler job – to bring leads into my franchise system, created by MOBE…and then MOBE’s sales team does the rest.


If a sale results out of this, I get a big fat commission.  Nice, huh?


Hamburgers, the product in Ray Kroc’s case, didn’t much matter when he owned the systems which sold those products – the franchises – and then sold them to other potential partners , or franchisees.


Ray Kroc did not create the hamburger business, but he did perfect the way hamburgers are sold world-wide using franchises.


I believe that Matt Lloyd is perfecting the way digital products are sold online world-wide.  So much so that he has now created at $150 Million+ business in 6 years and wants to take it to $1 BILLION in the future.  


And YOU can be a big part of this future!


Wouldn’t you like to be a part of such an undertaking when the business model is already proven to work by the likes of corporations such as McDonald’s?


Franchises – This is where the real money was and still is.  This is what the original McDonald brothers could not see but Ray Kroc could. 


Can you?


This is also why I switched my mentality from one of low-ticket, low margin products to one of high-ticket, high margin products – just like today’s McDonald’s does.


I can now re-sell these online franchises to others and generate BIG commissions doing it. So can you…if you can see it.


Want to know exactly how we do this at MOBE?  


Take a look at the business model we are using to create FAT high ticket commissions here:




Mike J Anthony


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 Pictured above: Matt Lloyd (L)  Mike J Anthony (R)

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Learn Chinese Language

In my experiences of trying to make money online, I’ve come across a 4 main things that I found you need in order to start being successful with whatever business you are trying to do online…

I, by no means, have “made it” online, but I have to take note of whats been happening along the way and these are a few of the things I found are absolutely essential to any kind of online business success…

#1) Ability to Succeed

Your business has to have the ability to succeed with it at all. Whether that means selling your first product or generating your first lead, it needs to be able to accomplish that and quickly.  So many people join businesses that have no chance of success right off the bat.  If your business can’t accomplish this basic mission for you, find another.

#2) Easily Duplicatable 

Can you do it again easily or will it take 10 years to make $10,000?  Your business needs to be able to create success for you again and again and it shouldn’t have to take 10 years to do it.  If it does take 10 years to generate $10k, then while it may be a duplicatable system, it’s not an easily duplicatable system.  No one wants to wait 10 years just to make $10k – that’s too long for too little.  Now, don’t confuse this with a “get-rich-quick” scheme but make sure your business has the potential to generate a lot of money fast over and over again!

#3) Maintainable

You need to be able to maintain your business, bar none!  What good is a one-off success if you can’t maintain that success?  You may have just gotten lucky!  Any monies you’ve generated will be gone in no time if you can’t maintain it.  This ties in perfectly with item #2.  If its too hard to duplicate, then you will not be able to maintain it either.

#4) Scalable

Even if your business model allows you to sell a product, is easily duplicatable and maintainable, it doesn’t matter if you’re talking about $25,000/yr.  Most likely, you will still need to keep your day job and that’s not why you got into business in the first place, is it?  Can you scale your business to $50k, $100k, or $1,000,000 or more per year?  Now you have a scalable business as well which will allow you to not need that day job someday.

If your business does not have even 1 of those 4 items listed above then you need to find one that has all 4!  If even one of those is missing, you will not be successful with that business at some point.

Here is one high ticket affiliate program that has all 4 of the items listed above and more…

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MOBE High Ticket Affiliate Products





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~Mike J Anthony



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