Litecoin Cryptocurrency LTC Price Value How To Buy

Litecoin Cryptocurrency LTC Price Value How To Buy

I’ve been talking about Litecoin (LTC) cryptocurrency for quite sometime now but relatively few people even know what it is, atleast in my circles.  I’ve been following the price of Litecoin and have seen it go from $4 to near $400. I think Litecoin holds much more value than that though.


What Is Litecoin (LTC)?


Litecoin (LTC) is a cryptocurrency that is closely related to Bitcoin. Its been around almost just as long, only about 2 years younger.  “LTC” is its trading symbol for those who want to buy or sell Litecoin.  It was created by Charlie Lee, who recently sold off all of his Litecoin holdings to get rid of conflict of interest concerns, but is still very much involved in Litecoin’s development.


Litecoin LTC CryptocurrencyLitecoin is called the “silver” to Bitcoin’s “gold”.  In this respect, if Bitcoin is worth roughly $8,000, as of this writing, then Litecoin should be worth around $2,000, since there are 4 times as many Litecoins in existence than there are Bitcoin.  Bitcoin has 21 million coins and Litecoin has 84 million in supply.


I was watching the price of Litecoin when it started to move away from the $4 mark which it held for a few years.  It then went past $10 very quickly, then $15, then $20. I became very interested in buying Litecoin at this point.  I finally bought in at right around $25.  This was still kind of a personal secret of mine as I still did not tell anyone else about it.  When LTC finally went past $40, I was convinced that the price ratio of Litecoin-to-Bitcoin was way too low. Afterall, Bitcoin had run up to near $20,000 back in Dec 2017.


Litecoin Price History


Even though I believed this was a short term bubble, as many people who had never even heard of Bitcoin before were suddenly interested in buying, I still believed that Litecoin was, and still is, undervalued over the long term against Bitcoin.  Going back to early 2017, when Litecoin was still under $40, I started to tell others about LTC only when it surpassed $44, and I wrote an email to this affect to a few people. I told them to buy litecoin at $44 at that time.


Litecoin continued to rise as 2017 turned out to be very good for most cryptocurrencies in existence.  It needed to rise above $50, which it did.  It actually ran up to $99 before turning back down to under $50. I knew at this point that Litecoin had found a new floor at $50 and a new ceiling at $100. I sent out another email to tell my subscribers, if they were at all interested in Bitcoin or Litecoin, to buy LTC at $72, which it was then hovering at that price.


Litecoin then decisively made a move above $100 by the end of 2017 and even almost surpassed $400.  $100 is now its floor, I believe.  This move was beyond everyone’s wildest dreams as I thought the few calls I saw for Litecoin at $300 were pre-mature, yet possible.  It ended up going well over $300 in a very short time.  After the 2017 end-of-year craze was over, the whole market tanked to where it is now.  Litecoin came back down to its original floor of $100 and has been consolidating ever since.  Litecoin consolidated to under $25, which is where it started from.


Litecoin is now climbing a wall of worry back over $150. $150 is where I made my second video about Litecoin Over $150 – Why I Still Like Litecoin.  I had previously made a first video about Litecoin a few months before, called Why Litecoin is My Favorite Cryptocurrency, but I did not talk about it much at all before then.  It is currently looking to return to this price and I still LOVE Litecoin! I like that most people have not caught on yet because when they do, look out! I still think that Litecoin should close the gap on Bitcoin and get close to that 1:4 ratio.


I stayed interested in Litecoin and I continue to believe that its got a lot more in store for us for 2018 and beyond.  Remember that LTC went from $4 in the beginning of 2017 to almost $400 by the end of 2017. If it happens again in the future, it will surpass $400 and more by the end of 2021.  Of course, no one knows what will actually happen unless you can predict the future, but I believe it will continue to move much higher than we’ve seen in the past. That’s my personal opinion.


How To Buy Litecoin


Binance.USI am located in the United States and the #1 way to buy Litecoin here is to do it through Binance.US

Binance (USA) currently offers buying and selling for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Polygon, and many others.


Mike J Anthony


Disclaimer: The article above is for informational and personal opinion only and not meant to provide financial advice. I am not a financial professional. For financial advice, seek a certified financial professional.

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