Fast Business Loans, Personal Funding Up to 40K

Fast Business Loans, Personal Funding Up to 40K

If you, or people you know, who need fast business loans, or personal funding up to $40K, after fixing their credit, they can go to my link below…

It takes you to Lending Club who I’ve used 3 times for 3 different loans up to $40K…It was a quick and easy process to get started.

With my credit cards already stretched to their limits, traditional banks failed to give me a loan when I needed it most. 

So this is the option I ended up using successfully…

Their rates start at 6.34% for those with “excellent” credit, with the average being 15.95%, according to their website stats. 

My lowest APR came in at 12.56%, at the time, with a “good” credit rating. My highest APR loan, before paying down debt, came in at 16.77%. My credit cards were over 20-25%.

So this saved me atleast 4%-10% in interest right away.

Your APR will be different depending on a number of factors, but mainly your current credit score.  So if you have bad or slow credit, I recommend fixing that first.

This service has all kinds of loans: business, personal, consolidation, auto, real estate, SBA, etc, and other banking options as well.  I also now have a savings account there.

As an experienced user of 3 different fast loans with this service, which I have already paid off, I can highly recommend it.

Though I do recommend it more if your credit is atleast “good” to “excellent” as that will naturally get you the lowest interest rates.



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