My 3 Weird Signs to Become a Producer Not a Buyer

My 3 Weird Signs to Become a Producer Not a Buyer

In my journey to earn primary income online, here are 3 weird signs that are telling me to become a Producer rather than a Buyer.

This is all coincidentally happened on the same day…

1) Early afternoon, while listening to a live webinar by Wayne Crowe, my affiliate marketing mentor, he talked about selling and producing things rather than buying things. This caused me to write a blog post about it here:

2) Early evening watching a YouTube video of an entrepreneur gal whose businesses are worth over $40 million. Though I did not watch the video, upon scrolling through the comments, I came upon one that caught my eye. It talked about becoming a Creator/Inventor, which reminded me of the post I wrote earlier. I replied to the comment about the same.

3) Now, This is weird…Winding down for the evening and ready for bed, I opened a book. In the beginning of Chapter 17 of the The Millionaire Fastlane, it talked about becoming a Producer rather than a Consumer.

Now, after this 3rd sign, that’s what I’m calling them now, I’m thinking…Is this some kind of coincidence that this “becoming a Producer” idea has hit me 3 different times, 3 different ways, in one day?

Strange…I guess this is the Universe’s way of telling me to become a Producer/Creator of things as I have definitely been a buyer all my life!

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